the league 2023

Angler profile

Travis Jewell

NAME: Travis Jewell
HOME: Tyler, TX
HOME LAKE: Lake Tyler

SOMETHING FANS MAY NOT KNOW: I was obsessed with fishing when I was young. I read the magazines and watched the shows but lived in Utah where the bass fishing scene was relatively small. I never had any mentor to teach me or any youth fishing program to join, so I just rode my bike to the creek or golf course ponds throughout the summer in the pursuit of the few bass that lived there. Our family didn’t have a lot of money so I had a newspaper delivery route to pay for my fishing gear. I learned at an early age that if I wanted to chase the fishing dream, I had to do so myself. Fast forward through high school and college and the fishing dream got lost to social life. I started my first construction company in college that taught me the importance of time freedom. In my early twenties I moved to the midwest. I didn’t know anybody within 500 miles so I went fishing in every free moment reigniting my passion for the sport. Those were big days for the sport of bass fishing with fishing tournaments airing on TV during Saturday mornings. I dreamed of being one of those anglers but felt it was too late and unachievable. I started a radon mitigation company in my early 20’s and worked hard to finally get a bass boat. The first tournaments I ever fished were extremely small team events when I was 29. Eventually, I moved back to Utah to grow the business and discovered that Utah actually has a thriving bass fishing community. I began entering bigger and bigger events throughout the west while creating more financial and time freedom through self employment. My first boat wrap was promoting my own company. I wrapped several others in the following years which helped market my company to my friends in the fishing industry. Finally got a chance to be a “pro” in my 40’s through the NPFL and my wife motivated me to take the opportunity. It has been an awesome ride and one of the best decisions I have ever made. I used to think that “pros” needed sponsorships or that sponsorships make you a “pro” but have come to the conclusion that the best way to chase your dream is to build your own brand rather than someone else’s. I have now made it a passion to help people chase their dreams by building successful businesses and personal brands.

CAREER HIGHTLIGHTS: I don’t have a long list of fishing accomplishments. I have a wall of plaques and trophies from team events. Top three in multiple regional championships and cashed checks in big western events. One of proudest achievements was 7th place in the Wonbass US Open in 2017 against 250 of some of the best in the world. I have struggled to find the top of the ranks in the NPFL but am going into the 2023 season with the good momentum of making checks in the last two events of 2022.

SPONSOR ROSTER: God, family and my own fishing business promotions through
From now on if you see me in wearing a logo, it’s either one of my own companies, one of my friend’s companies, a style I like or someone who pays me.