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the league 2022

Angler profile

JUstin Kimmel

NAME: Justin Kimmel
HOME: Athens, GA
HOME LAKE: Lake Hartwell & Lake Oconee

SOMETHING FANS MAY NOT KNOW: I have an identical twin brother named Jared, unless you go fishing with him, then he has an alternative personality named “Terry Time.” Enjoy playing guitar and singing loudly. Former singer/songwriter/wedding singer. Quit the golf team to fish tournaments in High School (before high school fishing teams were a thing). Won the 2020 BFL All-American as a co-angler in the back of fellow NPFL pro Todd Goade’s boat. In 2010, was in need of a summer job and couldn’t find one. Only had $40 to my name. Borrowed an extra $20 from Mom to gamble the house on a fishing tournament. Won 2 tournaments in 3 days and that was the summer I just went fishing. Patrick Walters’ Life Coach. Only coach in UGA intramural girls flag football history to coach a championship team to a season-long shutout (156-0). Got way too close to a llama one time. Ever since, I don’t trust them. Was dunked on multiple times in HS by NBA player Lou Williams. Once bowled a 258, lifetime average is about 90. Didn’t have any family that bass fished. Learned everything I know about fishing from my team partner of 16 years and fellow All-American, Matt Henry.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 7x BFL winner, 2x BFL Regional Champ, 2020 BFL All-American Champ, 3x BFL All-American, 17 top 10 BFL finishes

SPONSOR ROSTER: Kimmel Design, Bass University TV, Abu Garcia, Berkley, Sonar Pros, BassCat, Yamaha, Plano, Outdoor Occupations, Rugged Road Outdoors


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